now more than ever, it is important to interact with your customers online. let us help.

In Maine, community means everything to it’s citizens. As a business owner, you are often expected to be an active community member, give back to your community and interact well with your customers.

Now more than ever, it is important to interact with your customers online, to market and promote your business to gain potential customers’ interest and to communicate with them to further your business relationship.

This can be a daunting and time consuming task for your employees. Many companies hire a social media assistant to take on this task, but why hire another employee if you can hire us?

We take care of those daunting tasks and help you with just about anything you need regarding social media. Plus, we will create a strategic marketing plan and we can even manage your profiles for you. We can help your organization not only understand social media networks, but also make your company stand out to your community.

Our social media services include:

SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT: An in-depth analysis of your company’s presence across the various social networks and an individualized strategy to improve it.

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT: Making sure your voice and reputation are kept up on social networks is extremely important, but not everyone has the time to manage their social networking profiles. That’s where we come in; we will manage your social network profiles for you, creating a positive, energetic and interactive image for your company.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING STRATEGY: Does your company have a social media marketing budget, but you aren’t sure where to begin? We can assess your needs, outline opportunities and suggest specific actions for social media success.

COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS: Does your competition seem to have a great online presence? We’ll take a look at their social media outlets, identify their service providers and help you create a plan to rise above your competition online.

SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION: We will identify the networks you should be participating in as well as create and manage your social profiles to optimize your presence.

FACEBOOK PAGE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT: We will create a custom, professional design for your company’s Facebook page to increase your traffic and to entice more people to “like” your page. We will also integrate applications soyour Facebook page “talks” to your other social media networks, blog and your company website. We can do the same for Twitter and LinkedIn.