deciding to run for office is the easy part.
Let us help with the tough stuff.

In order to run a successful political campaign, you need to have a great marketing plan. We can help you with all aspects of marketing yourself to your district in order to win. See some of our services below.

Our political marketing services include:

POLITICAL IDENTITY: Custom logo and identity design will go a long way in any race, and we make sure yours is top notch. This is one of the most important aspects of your race, because it's everywhere - and people will notice a good design, and never remember a bad one. To top it all off, we offer FREE logo design with any sign order.

SIGNAGE: You need signage, we will create a custom design that fits your personality and your district. Every race is different, and we'll help you stand out. From yard signs to large format signs, you'll get noticed. 

DIRECT MAIL: Communication is key in any race. You should be sending at least 2-4 direct mail pieces in any given race in Maine, and we will design, print AND mail them for you, all at the best rate around. These are custom designed mailers, and an add-on that is sure to add to your success.

CAMPAIGN COLLATERALS: Volunteers and supporters need a way to represent you while out during campaign season - let's give them some campaign collateral to show off! From stickers, handouts, bumper stickers, apparel, postcards and more - all with your branding and messaging on them. We know what works, and we'll help you create a plan best for your race.

CAMPAIGN & POLITICAL WEBSITES: Gone are the days that you can get away with not having a website. We have good news though - the days of the overpriced website are also gone! We will custom design you a website that is both affordable AND effective. Your constituents want to see what you are up to, they want information fast and vast - give them what they want already!

NEWSLETTERS: After you are elected, you'll need to stay in touch with your constituents. We design great looking newsletters that your constituents will want to read. From one page updates to 4 page quarterly newsletters, we make sure they stay informed voters. 

E-NEWSLETTER TEMPLATES: Do you want an affordable way to stay in touch with constituents and supporters on a more regular basis? An e-newsletter is your best bet, and we'll make sure yours is reader friendly and the best looking one out there!

SOCIAL MEDIA: Along with your website, you should be staying in touch with constituents during your race and when you are in office. We will set up your social media accounts and create an attractive look to go with it. We can even manage it for you if you'd like. Check out our social media offerings here.

We are constantly adding to our political services. Contact us today to see how we can create a customized plan for your race! Have an idea you don't see here? We are interested in helping you with any type of marketing need you have.